Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miss u.....

I did not update anything since im quit GKH....
haiz.. due to Computer and Internet problem.. so im not able to update...
After i move to new house even worse that i cant on9..
In order for me to on9 freely without any blocked of websites..the only ways is I goin back kampar...huhu

For those dunno where im survive now... haha.. My new location is Cahaya, Ampang and I work at Raja Chulan.. so, if u feel free mayb can drop by both place to say "HI" to me or treat me lunch/dinner cos im still quiet bankrup now.. Have to start from ZERO..have to buy this and that for my new room..haizz..

For time being, I think im not able to update until I settled down everything..huhu So, take care my frens.. I'll be back soon...hopefully~! Anyhow, I do read your blog..anything pls sms me for instant respond...hehe :)

Take Care!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chapter 2.2 : Life @ GKH

GKH (Grand Kampar Hotel) is my 1st workplace after graduated. Never thought I would be in this place b4!!!It's look gorgeous, huge in the new Kampar town!Actually I got 2 choices but I choose Grand Kampar, maybe it look big and what they offered me almost same to what I studied. So, decided to explore this place......

My Mission:
1) Help Hew's family gain more profit (hehe)
2) Stimulate the economy growth in Kampar

Who kamparian did not see this building b4??

Start from 1st Dec 2008....Nightmare begin..
Im a Sales Coordinator inside...starting job is just data entry, doing databases, ah-4 for my manager and assistant manager (photostating, fax, go here n there to distribute event order) Is it very easy le?? haha 5.30 - 6.00pm i can go bck home..with no worry..cos I got a Assistant Sales Manager 'chang' me..

March/April 2009.....
The Assistant Sales manager resigning...Workload added..I have follow up her things although still got a Sales Executive but he still new..Now, I have to do event order, meeting walk-in guests, standby for function, have responsibility to check the function.. Back home at 11pm, every night with worries..

End of May - June 2009.....
The sales exec. run away without any notice due to some reason. OMG!! the school holiday is on the way and hotel almost running full house, church group coming back to event order out yet, I have to sapu his work again..really go toilet also no time. haiz.. and still my manager still can go for her leave... -.-lll sweating! Back home almost 12pm with high level of worries even dream also about those things.

July 2009...
Tender my resignation letter...I think I had enough patience to work there. haha.. I did not plan to stay long term at GKH so.... resigning and waiting 4 Convo... wait till now.. still waiting....but Convo over ady!huhu...

*The GKH team*

Thanks to those who help me to go through all those hard time~! Nice to meet you all... from dunno until we can share from A-Z... :-)

**Still got many pic.. but my pen drive lost ady..sad!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chapter 2.1 : My 1st Work

Although im unemployed now... but i got 2 working experiences b4..not bad..huh

My 1st job is at Genting Malaysia Berhad (formerly known as Resort World Berhad) --> Just realized they change the name!hehe
(Note: Actually my 1st job should be at Tuck Hing,located at Kampar..hehe)

My mission :
1) Help Lim's family gain more profit (haha)

What I learn :
1) The probability lose more than win, if you win, "Gong Hei"
2) Dont be greedy.. not easy to win but easy to lose (that y, Genting still survive)
-sometime play play for fun also ok la.. dun addict..haha

Who dunno Genting Highland?? haha.. who never been there b4??
I been survive there for 6 month (Dec 2004- June 2005).. from many..less 1 by 1.. until few n until i get to know few new frens..really fun with the weather, environment, customers, colleagues,....

I have scanned few of those pic I still keep since tat time digital camera area just started..

In training session~

Pontoon Games batch ?? (forgot ady)

We are qualified Pontoon dealers!

Most of them, I did not c them ady.. Mayb saw also cant remember each other..but few, we still keep in touch~!One thing precious is I get closer with Ms.Chin Mei Wan, the blur queen! haha ya, still got Ms. Lok Mei Siong from Kampar... n new found frens from Group C, Casino de Genting! Although we are in different place and work but you were not being forgotten! Thanks for those memorable day at Genting! Hope we manage to c in future~!

I really have a Wonderful experience @ Genting

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a happening Week!

Start from Last Saturday....
27/6/09 - Paintball cancelled :( ---> steamboat at 6pm sth(a colleague's farewell dinner)--10.00pm frens kuat makan ma..
Steamboat @ RM22.00nett per person

will miss u~ "Oi si tuck"

Sunday -> 1.00 am..(hehe) -> Karaoke till 2.30 am ---> Mamak-ing until 4.30 am --> Sleep @ 5.30 am
In the same
Sunday (28/6/09) wake up @ 9.00am-->9.30 am went to Ipoh--blur - sleepy---windOw shopping!

Monday 29th June -> Work 9~5pm---a small farewell party for a colleague that goin to last day! Another colleague ajak me belanja yum cha??okla..once in a while!hehe from 8.30pm--eat-drink-chat-toilet-drink-chat---until 2.30am (Tuesday)..

The main actress of the day! very cute le..! but, she married jor~ haha

WE will miSs each others ( still got another 3 gonna leave soon include me!)

We gonna hv different direction soon~!

30th June 09 is a Tuesday -> Kerja dari 9~5pm also... Balik 6pm sharp--->Ipoh<--- main purpose redeem vouchers but failed! The another reason bhind main purpose is Transformer..(Hehe) --Buy tickets, only got 1st and 2nd row?! never thought it will full..huhu -- after short discussion, decided to buy 2nd row.. a bit regret, really quiet hard to c..sweat-.-!! but the movie okla.. after movie --mamak-ing until 1am sth(Wednesday) --ATM @ 2am(talak duit, paiseh, movie-makan also ask ppl belanja on that night)..haha.. reached kampar 2am sth!

Wednesday the 1st July -> ALso kerja 9~5pm... have to stay bck..preparing coming travel fair on weekend..8pm tahan by few guests from Mayban group etiqa takaful.. they giv me lecturing about investment,bla bla bla..after 1 hour..I still reject them..haha they failed! a bit 'ng hou yi si'.. after finished preparing for travel fair---go yum cha or yum sing?!--till 1am (Thursday)..Sleep at 1am sth!

Thursday 2nd July -> normal working hour 9~5pm..since boss talak then can off early! --ajak kawan-kawan at GKH for dinner...--go for sushi king @ 8pm sth... eat-chat-Tesco- till 10pm sth... Balik rumah, spend time on9..till about 1am(Friday) hoho..dl-ing song!

3rd July (Friday) -> Boss and the team in Travel Fair @ KL.. normal 9-5pm lo.. i wish i could work 11am - 7pm. Today bck a bit late..hav to prepare for Wedding function on SAt..Chat with a newbie in GKh while waiting the bride to come for some arrangement..he ask me sth..since ppl told him im AP*,he asked me," R u sure, u r Indian?-.-!!" What should i answer him!?wakwak..wat a weird question tat make me stuck jor!haiz.. The bride come..we chat awhile when she waiting her husband..She said they had pak tor about 13years ady..wOw..really unbelievable..i think i wont have the 13years process before marriage. haha! --Balik rumah about 9sth --hungry--find mangsa yumcha with me...luckily get 1 mangsa!ngek ngek... since tired, yumcha process until 11pm then bck home tido!

Finally 1 cycle..Saturday coming! Today half day..9-1pm but i wont get to back on 1pm la.. 3 function on the same day! hav to check everything.. Got guests come for recce..have to bring them around.. They nice..hope to work with them in their Aug camp but unfortunately, I gonna leave gkh soon.....
For the 1st time, i can
stand-walk-sit inside the Wedding Restaurant,
Watch them preparing for the wedding dinner! (gm not there, last time sure kena part-time if walk freely there)hehe.. Since the wedding couple not yet settle their payment, have to wait till d end of function..kesian-me! Then, next round --> yumcha with kawan-kawan include wChong, wJie, eChi, hWuen,.. Welcoming Wuen bck to Kampar! 1st round --> 1.00pm..2nd round(same person)-->3.00pm(Sunday).. finally home..

Today is Sunday--> worrying about monday.. but still have a peaceful day..makan-minum-berak-tido!

AP* = anak perempuan, new name given by my colleague!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~*Still in Kuantan*~

Really wanna cont write wat happened in Kuantan...hehe
After the fair, I take 1 day leave cos wanna visit my relatives since 4 year nvr been there.. and it quiet far from, take the chance to rest at my relative's house..

Im really happy that they welcome me.. hehe for them, Im a special guests..haha mayb im the youngest among my cousins so my cousin bro treat me like his own sis. hehe

My cousin's bro..

I have a unique family background.. Im chindian.. chinese + indian.. Ppl alwys questioning, what actually my religion.. Most of them guess that im Christian bcos of my name.hoho Im a buddhist..truly buddhist.. My grandma open a temple..n one of the famous temple in the town during the old time.. but now, still famous.. In Kuantan pulak, got a temple that invented by my uncle and cousin's bro. n.. I spend my off day at that temple..

want to know more click --> story of the temple

Is a place near to forest, peaceful, relax... I get to know few frens at there.. let me introduce u all a very important person i get to know in this temple..

Taa- Daa!!

My frens called ' Baby '

Others frens i know are...

Giant Fishs kor kor....the length same more than my height..

Wu Kwai korkor,jiejie,didi,meimei,uncle,aunty,......

My lunch is just a simple MCd... but the environment different...

Having McD infront of beach.. but if added with few leng chai infront.. >.<

Dinner at one of the famous restaurant.. this restaurant 'ba bei' lo.. got website 1..hehe if nth to do mayb can browse this website... haha..all this plan by cousin, uncle for me! The food not bad but mayb he popular jor so the food quiet expensive!

Although jus a day but really happy.. Can spend sometime to chat with cousin, uncle.. since we only meet each other once in a blue moon..

Thanks for make me as a special guests...!Enjoy~!

p/s: finally able to post this blog..after pc sot sot dei..suddenly shut down and restart...*pening* my dear pc, dun scare me..bankrupt ady, dun sick oh!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ZoOm to Kuantan..!

I been to Kuantan from 21 - 24 May for Zoom Malaysia Travel Fair..Most of the participant is travel agent, they have special price offer in this fair..If u really need cuti-cuti Malaysia, wait for this fair, they really offer cheaper price. The nex stop, i think is Johor...

What im doin there? Promote GKH lo.. we want to expand the market ma... But, a frens of mine asked me go Kuantan for what..haha cant mention the name here.. Then she asked is it GKH got new branch in Kuantan? and I replied her Yes! it called Grand Kuantan believed! haha..sorry la, jus play play only.. boring Kuantan..bluf ha lo.. Jus me n my manager.. luckily can Msn thru phone if not die of bored..the digi punya Msn not bad.. i can access all the way to Highway, R & R, lunch, dinner, breakfast, even in toilet,....hoho but the hp battery cepat habis..

~The fair start~

We try our best to sell the vouchers but it's seem ppl less interest of GKH.. Below is the wat they said :-

1) Kampar, far la! dun wan la! I replied : I also all the way from kpr, where far jek!?
2) Anything special in Kampar? I replied : Food, peaceful town, water rafting, abseiling, caving,...
3) Perak politic not stable wor? I replied : Im still survive wor.. no big changes pun!
4) Where is Kampar ? I replied : from Perak, neh, the new UTAR campus ar!

This is the common question asked by most of the human stop by the booth.

It's really tired cos work from 10am-10pm, have to stand to distribute the brochures,...
But, one things happy is get to meet new ppl..from travel agent, hotelier, mayb can get discount when travel nex time!..get to know frens that not involve in the fair..a part time sales assistant in opposite shop.. I got lunch and dinner-mate for the 1 days! haha Nice to meet u~!

The place I stay also not bad... highly recommended if u need to visit Kuantan. Cheaper hotel but can get a river side view.. really not bad kah..This hotel is just located beside the Sg. Kuantan..

~View from the room~

~ Sg. Kuantan~

~Outside the Hotel~

~Breakfast with river side view~

~ Green Color Nasi Lemak : Not Bad ~

The hotel called Mega view Hotel..

P/s: Today im take leave... take leave without special reason..haha jus feel wanna rest, away from work..! No rest since bck from Kuantan! to be cont...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Happened on 10th of May 2009

10th of May 2009 is a Sunday that every1 longing for, no need work!
10th of May 2009
is a Mother's Day that time to gather all family's member to eat,drink!
> > >
About 24 years ago on 10th of May, born a special child named Jacqueline..haha tat's me!
> > > > > > > > > is it still cute until now?
> >
The only daughter that finally born in Siva's family...hoho
> > > >
12.00 am on 10th of May.. yumcha with kawan-kawan and consider a small celebration for me.. Got cake but without candle..cake was bought from GKH about 12sth.. c my frens ada a bit hati la..
> > >
cheap phone so the quality not tat gOod lo~
Since 10th of May is Mother's Day, wake up early in the morning... cos Sis-in-law belanja makan breakfast.. hehe Dim Sum somore..sure cant lepas the peluang since im d bday girl, no need to pay the bill wo.. hoho FOC >.<
> > > > Thanks!

While preparing to go bck hotel for Mother's Day special Hi-Tea.. at 11.27am, a colleague of mine, sms me.. "U no need come ok. Alus(my boss) said". Suddenly feel empty.. what to do in the afternoon?!Thought can go hotel kacau kacau ppl..but my boss ask me to rest cos she know it my bday! So, decide to tidy up my computer table.. PC jus formatted.. new life of the pc start today!haha
> > > > >

Half way, some1 ajak me go Ipoh..haha.. i never say 'No'.. sumore no need me drive and we have same destination to go.. so, i left my untidy table and go to ipoh..haha (Luckily, my boss ask me no need to go hotel, if not...huhu..Thanks to her!)

Half Way tidy up --->> IPoh(hoho)

Not 1st jus thought will spend the day at home..but can go out although is a quick trip to Ipoh..
> > > >
my Lunch is FOC..since im the bDay girl...

Reached home about 4pm sth... continue tidying the desk.. Suddenly 'yehyeh' ask me to go out.. he give me a paper bag that contain birds ( i think 9 in it).. Mama said release the bird during bDay is good n...~! haha 1st time in my life...meaningful ,rite!
> > > > > birds fly freely and happilyThanks!

haha...finally my desk cleaned...Ta-Da!

Night.. ajak April, Neoh, Wjie yumcha.....the only human in kampar!

> > > > > >

> > > > > > > It's a Cake...
> > > > -----Wahahaha--->>> (i din force 1 ar)

April paid the bill, cake by Neoh~! Dinner again

10th of May 2009 end with............
Medicine for flu and cough~

~*The end of 10th of May 2009*~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

~Advertisement Time~

Since everyBOdy busy critic each other..who cute or not, fall in love or not, barbie girl or boy,horny or retards, h1n1,....blah..blah..
Don't forgot your beloved mother at home..
This coming 10th May 2009 (Sunday).. Its time to celebrate MOther's Day with your beloved mama..
What?When?Where?Why?Which?How? to celebrate.. causing u Headache!!

In Kampar..this small small town..What do u think u can do on this Mother's Day? Queue-ing for dinner, lunch,... cook for your mama??(ada bayang ke?)

Dun talk much lung word la...

So, let's celebrate your mama's day in this big building that contain 155 rooms with 70 over staffs..

The only happening event in Kampar where Famous Chicken Bread's Restaurant, Clay Pot Chicken Rice's Shop, KL Restaurant, Moonlight Resonance's Restaurant n ... would Not Have!!

Click the pic for better view

There are a lot of fun activities beside eat.. yup, eat is important but GKH provide u and ur family a comfortable environment with activities such as games, lucky draw,.... Eat comfortably with No Traffic Jam, No Full Parking, No Queue-ing for your turn to eat, No Heat under the sun, .... but jus 1 thing.. No pork served..sorry la..Halal ma..
With jus RM 18.80 nett per pax for Adult and RM 12.80 nett per pax for Children (4-12years), u can have a wonderful mama's day with your beloved loa ma chi.

For reservation or inquiries, dont hesitate to call me or email me at The place is limited.. faster grab this golden chance to have a special mama's day! Jus once in a year! Frens..make it Special sikit la.. your mama sure Terharu until wanna Hug u!

Compare to big meat, big fish like above pic... GKH is better lo.. My early celebration of Mother's Day at Tg. Tualang cos me about RM 400.00.. sakit hati-nya~! No entertainment, No Lucky Draw, No Games, No Leng Chai, No Leng Lui...n... So, pls choOse wisely~! hehe

Finally, Hope everybOdy have a wOnderful weekend with your ma-ma~!

P/S : No advertising fees given by GKH punya..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapter 1 - Family

The 1st things in What-i-have is my family..Without them dunno where am i now..
So what i have now actually is what they give me. haha..
There are a lot of human in my family.. From 7 original members that include me increasing to 14 members. My papa actually is an Indian n my mama actually is a Chinese then produced us become Chindian..
Im feel thankful to have a unique name that not like most of the original indian name if not ppl will think tat im pendatang asing. hehe
There are 7 members in Sivarajan's family. This include papa, mama, 4 bros n me. Im the youngest of the family and the only daughter in siva' s family.. Many human will think im very lucky and being pampered by family's member. haha if i said no, sure ppl wont believe.. just normal only..every family have their own hardly to have a complete family where there are no conflict, hard time,.... But i still feel bless for having them.
Every1 of them really contribute to what i have now.. start from Papa, i do believe most of papa will sayang daughter more..haha dunno y? although we talk less but i can felt the care and love from him. Secondly, Mama, the 1 who worried about me. In her perception, im still small kids..aiyo, im xx year's old lo..she can called me few time a day..haha Next, my brothers.. i have a big gap in age with my bro so they alwys think im still small kids (im xx years old ady la)..

My tai kor is most sacrificed human for the family, being the eldest he will look after parent and sibling's problems. He will try his best to help out. He financially support me in my study in MMU. Thanks for everything kor kor~! Although we have big gap of 16 years but when the time working, studying at kl, we got the topics ady.Even he will let me know how his feeling, his stress at his work..

Next, 2nd bro, we have many similarities.. haha we born in the year of ox, month of taurus,we been close when im still small cos he jus work in ipoh and alwys bck home frequently. But, when he got his another part, he left out me.. :( btw, im busy with my frens oso.. but 1 things i really appreciate to hav this bro is.. i got free shoes.. although i din get as many as his wife but he still will bring some of the shoes to me and customize it specially for me..haha but, if i wear high heels, i think i'll get more shoes from him.

This myterious human is my 3rd bro. Unluckily, this the only pic i have. I think he the most good looking among the others..hehe so i keep it more myterious so i put tis pic. He is a talkative people. we can chat in phone about 1/2 an hour..He will lecturing me on how to face ppl in work, Dont easily being cheated or being too blur to get
cheated,.....blabla.. Actually i really learn a lot from his advise and being alert, beware of people that have bad intuition. He teach me how to be positive thinking.

Last but not least, 4th bro.. He the 1 who walk the 1st step that enable me to start study in MMU. Im really grateful for the 1st step. Since he is youngest son and im youngest daughter we can play joke or trick to each others.. hehe

Lastly..lastly.. still got 1 family members, i should introduce..although we dun have blood relation but he treat me n other bro like his own daughter and son. He is my 'kei yeh' @ god father. He been my family's best friend and we really take him as 1 of the family members. He alwys there whenever we need him.

This is just a simple introduction about my family..haha.. n there is new member joining in on January..this is my family photo.. but sad, left out few of 3rd korkor not able to attend n still got 2 little kids need to sch..

Thanks you~!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hope u'll get well soon..

Hi..everyone..Thanks for viewing my blog.. I rarely updates because of my pc having some sickness..huhu Hardly to find dr. to cure it.. Now, i force my pc to work although it sick.. really sad for pc was hang when i click watever in the msg box that appeared, so i just ignore the box by putting it below.. even there are no sound coming out from my pc, it might be i deleted the virus that make the sound not functioning.
It become serious day by day~now having problem shutting down pc..Most of the time, it hang until i force to click the start button until its off everything.



This is how i able to on9 longer if i hide the things.. haizz.. Hope my Pc will get well soon, its one of my life now.. cant live without it.. Its become my frens to share my happiness and sadness.. haha.. It follow me whenever i go.. from Kampar to Cyber jaya and bck to Kampar recently..from studying until im working..

n finally fed up when this alwys pop-up..Too much of Sickness ady.. Pity my dear pc..

Hope u'll get well soon~! I still got a lot of thing need to share with u!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The story begin....

Hello... Welcome to Memoirs of J'kie ~! The purpose of this blog is to jot down the happy memories that happened. We should feel bless for what we have and appreciate wat ppl have done for us.. be Optimist when facing challenges...

I would like to share a story in my 1st entry.. This story really gives a lot of insight to me..

There was an old man in a village, very poor, but even kings were jealous of him because he had a beautiful white horse. Kings offered fabulous prices for the horse, but the man would say, "This horse is not a horse to me, he is a person. And how can you sell a person, a friend?" The man was poor, but he never sold the horse.

One morning, he found that the horse was not in the stable. The whole village gathered and they said, "You foolish old man! We knew that someday the horse would be stolen. It would have been better to sell it. What a misfortune!"

The old man said, "Don't go so far as to say that. Simply say that the horse is not in the stable. This is the fact: everything else is a judgment. Whether it is a misfortune or a blessing I don't know, because this is just a fragment. Who knows what is going to follow it?"

People laughed at the old man. They had always known that he was a little crazy. But after fifteen days, suddenly one night the horse returned. He had not been stolen; he had escaped into the world. And not only that, he brought a dozen wild horses with him.

Again the people gathered and they said, "Old man, you were right. This was not a misfortune, it has indeed proved to be a blessing."

The old man said, "Again you are going too far. Just say that the horse is back, who knows whether it is a blessing or not? It is only a fragment. You read a single word in a sentence - how can you judge the whole book?"

This time the people could not say much, but inside they knew that he was wrong. Twelve beautiful horses had come.

The old man had an only son who started to train the wild horses. Just a week later he fell from a horse and his legs were broken. The people gathered again and again they judged. They said, "Again you proved right! It was misfortune. Your only son has lost the use of his legs, and in your old age he was your only support. Now you are poorer than ever."

The old man said, "You are obsessed with judgment. Don't go that far. Say only my son has broken his legs. Nobody knows whether this is a misfortune or a blessing. Life comes in fragments and more is never given to you."

It happened that after a few weeks the country went to war and all the young men of the town were forcibly taken for military. Only the old man's son was left, because he was crippled. The whole town was crying and weeping, because it was a losing fight and they knew most of the young people would never come back. They came to the old man and they said, "You were right, old man - this has proved a blessing. Maybe your son is crippled, but he is still with you. Our sons are gone forever."

The old man said again, "You go on and on judging. Nobody knows! Only say this, that your sons have been forced to enter into the army and my son has not been forced. But only God, the total, knows whether it is a blessing or a misfortune."

Judge yea not, otherwise you will never become one with the total. With fragments you will jump to conclusions. Once you judge you have stopped growing. Judgment means a stale state of mind.

Blessing or Misfortune??
+the end+

Hope this story will bring some inspiration in your life~!