Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a happening Week!

Start from Last Saturday....
27/6/09 - Paintball cancelled :( ---> steamboat at 6pm sth(a colleague's farewell dinner)--10.00pm frens kuat makan ma..
Steamboat @ RM22.00nett per person

will miss u~ "Oi si tuck"

Sunday -> 1.00 am..(hehe) -> Karaoke till 2.30 am ---> Mamak-ing until 4.30 am --> Sleep @ 5.30 am
In the same
Sunday (28/6/09) wake up @ 9.00am-->9.30 am went to Ipoh--blur - sleepy---windOw shopping!

Monday 29th June -> Work 9~5pm---a small farewell party for a colleague that goin to last day! Another colleague ajak me belanja yum cha??okla..once in a while!hehe from 8.30pm--eat-drink-chat-toilet-drink-chat---until 2.30am (Tuesday)..

The main actress of the day! very cute le..! but, she married jor~ haha

WE will miSs each others ( still got another 3 gonna leave soon include me!)

We gonna hv different direction soon~!

30th June 09 is a Tuesday -> Kerja dari 9~5pm also... Balik 6pm sharp--->Ipoh<--- main purpose redeem vouchers but failed! The another reason bhind main purpose is Transformer..(Hehe) --Buy tickets, only got 1st and 2nd row?! never thought it will full..huhu -- after short discussion, decided to buy 2nd row.. a bit regret, really quiet hard to c..sweat-.-!! but the movie okla.. after movie --mamak-ing until 1am sth(Wednesday) --ATM @ 2am(talak duit, paiseh, movie-makan also ask ppl belanja on that night)..haha.. reached kampar 2am sth!

Wednesday the 1st July -> ALso kerja 9~5pm... have to stay bck..preparing coming travel fair on weekend..8pm tahan by few guests from Mayban group etiqa takaful.. they giv me lecturing about investment,bla bla bla..after 1 hour..I still reject them..haha they failed! a bit 'ng hou yi si'.. after finished preparing for travel fair---go yum cha or yum sing?!--till 1am (Thursday)..Sleep at 1am sth!

Thursday 2nd July -> normal working hour 9~5pm..since boss talak then can off early! --ajak kawan-kawan at GKH for dinner...--go for sushi king @ 8pm sth... eat-chat-Tesco- till 10pm sth... Balik rumah, spend time on9..till about 1am(Friday) hoho..dl-ing song!

3rd July (Friday) -> Boss and the team in Travel Fair @ KL.. normal 9-5pm lo.. i wish i could work 11am - 7pm. Today bck a bit late..hav to prepare for Wedding function on SAt..Chat with a newbie in GKh while waiting the bride to come for some arrangement..he ask me sth..since ppl told him im AP*,he asked me," R u sure, u r Indian?-.-!!" What should i answer him!?wakwak..wat a weird question tat make me stuck jor!haiz.. The bride come..we chat awhile when she waiting her husband..She said they had pak tor about 13years ady..wOw..really unbelievable..i think i wont have the 13years process before marriage. haha! --Balik rumah about 9sth --hungry--find mangsa yumcha with me...luckily get 1 mangsa!ngek ngek... since tired, yumcha process until 11pm then bck home tido!

Finally 1 cycle..Saturday coming! Today half day..9-1pm but i wont get to back on 1pm la.. 3 function on the same day! hav to check everything.. Got guests come for recce..have to bring them around.. They nice..hope to work with them in their Aug camp but unfortunately, I gonna leave gkh soon.....
For the 1st time, i can
stand-walk-sit inside the Wedding Restaurant,
Watch them preparing for the wedding dinner! (gm not there, last time sure kena part-time if walk freely there)hehe.. Since the wedding couple not yet settle their payment, have to wait till d end of function..kesian-me! Then, next round --> yumcha with kawan-kawan include wChong, wJie, eChi, hWuen,.. Welcoming Wuen bck to Kampar! 1st round --> 1.00pm..2nd round(same person)-->3.00pm(Sunday).. finally home..

Today is Sunday--> worrying about monday.. but still have a peaceful day..makan-minum-berak-tido!

AP* = anak perempuan, new name given by my colleague!