Monday, April 27, 2009

Chapter 1 - Family

The 1st things in What-i-have is my family..Without them dunno where am i now..
So what i have now actually is what they give me. haha..
There are a lot of human in my family.. From 7 original members that include me increasing to 14 members. My papa actually is an Indian n my mama actually is a Chinese then produced us become Chindian..
Im feel thankful to have a unique name that not like most of the original indian name if not ppl will think tat im pendatang asing. hehe
There are 7 members in Sivarajan's family. This include papa, mama, 4 bros n me. Im the youngest of the family and the only daughter in siva' s family.. Many human will think im very lucky and being pampered by family's member. haha if i said no, sure ppl wont believe.. just normal only..every family have their own hardly to have a complete family where there are no conflict, hard time,.... But i still feel bless for having them.
Every1 of them really contribute to what i have now.. start from Papa, i do believe most of papa will sayang daughter more..haha dunno y? although we talk less but i can felt the care and love from him. Secondly, Mama, the 1 who worried about me. In her perception, im still small kids..aiyo, im xx year's old lo..she can called me few time a day..haha Next, my brothers.. i have a big gap in age with my bro so they alwys think im still small kids (im xx years old ady la)..

My tai kor is most sacrificed human for the family, being the eldest he will look after parent and sibling's problems. He will try his best to help out. He financially support me in my study in MMU. Thanks for everything kor kor~! Although we have big gap of 16 years but when the time working, studying at kl, we got the topics ady.Even he will let me know how his feeling, his stress at his work..

Next, 2nd bro, we have many similarities.. haha we born in the year of ox, month of taurus,we been close when im still small cos he jus work in ipoh and alwys bck home frequently. But, when he got his another part, he left out me.. :( btw, im busy with my frens oso.. but 1 things i really appreciate to hav this bro is.. i got free shoes.. although i din get as many as his wife but he still will bring some of the shoes to me and customize it specially for me..haha but, if i wear high heels, i think i'll get more shoes from him.

This myterious human is my 3rd bro. Unluckily, this the only pic i have. I think he the most good looking among the others..hehe so i keep it more myterious so i put tis pic. He is a talkative people. we can chat in phone about 1/2 an hour..He will lecturing me on how to face ppl in work, Dont easily being cheated or being too blur to get
cheated,.....blabla.. Actually i really learn a lot from his advise and being alert, beware of people that have bad intuition. He teach me how to be positive thinking.

Last but not least, 4th bro.. He the 1 who walk the 1st step that enable me to start study in MMU. Im really grateful for the 1st step. Since he is youngest son and im youngest daughter we can play joke or trick to each others.. hehe

Lastly..lastly.. still got 1 family members, i should introduce..although we dun have blood relation but he treat me n other bro like his own daughter and son. He is my 'kei yeh' @ god father. He been my family's best friend and we really take him as 1 of the family members. He alwys there whenever we need him.

This is just a simple introduction about my family..haha.. n there is new member joining in on January..this is my family photo.. but sad, left out few of 3rd korkor not able to attend n still got 2 little kids need to sch..

Thanks you~!