Monday, August 24, 2009

Chapter 2.2 : Life @ GKH

GKH (Grand Kampar Hotel) is my 1st workplace after graduated. Never thought I would be in this place b4!!!It's look gorgeous, huge in the new Kampar town!Actually I got 2 choices but I choose Grand Kampar, maybe it look big and what they offered me almost same to what I studied. So, decided to explore this place......

My Mission:
1) Help Hew's family gain more profit (hehe)
2) Stimulate the economy growth in Kampar

Who kamparian did not see this building b4??

Start from 1st Dec 2008....Nightmare begin..
Im a Sales Coordinator inside...starting job is just data entry, doing databases, ah-4 for my manager and assistant manager (photostating, fax, go here n there to distribute event order) Is it very easy le?? haha 5.30 - 6.00pm i can go bck home..with no worry..cos I got a Assistant Sales Manager 'chang' me..

March/April 2009.....
The Assistant Sales manager resigning...Workload added..I have follow up her things although still got a Sales Executive but he still new..Now, I have to do event order, meeting walk-in guests, standby for function, have responsibility to check the function.. Back home at 11pm, every night with worries..

End of May - June 2009.....
The sales exec. run away without any notice due to some reason. OMG!! the school holiday is on the way and hotel almost running full house, church group coming back to event order out yet, I have to sapu his work again..really go toilet also no time. haiz.. and still my manager still can go for her leave... -.-lll sweating! Back home almost 12pm with high level of worries even dream also about those things.

July 2009...
Tender my resignation letter...I think I had enough patience to work there. haha.. I did not plan to stay long term at GKH so.... resigning and waiting 4 Convo... wait till now.. still waiting....but Convo over ady!huhu...

*The GKH team*

Thanks to those who help me to go through all those hard time~! Nice to meet you all... from dunno until we can share from A-Z... :-)

**Still got many pic.. but my pen drive lost ady..sad!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chapter 2.1 : My 1st Work

Although im unemployed now... but i got 2 working experiences b4..not bad..huh

My 1st job is at Genting Malaysia Berhad (formerly known as Resort World Berhad) --> Just realized they change the name!hehe
(Note: Actually my 1st job should be at Tuck Hing,located at Kampar..hehe)

My mission :
1) Help Lim's family gain more profit (haha)

What I learn :
1) The probability lose more than win, if you win, "Gong Hei"
2) Dont be greedy.. not easy to win but easy to lose (that y, Genting still survive)
-sometime play play for fun also ok la.. dun addict..haha

Who dunno Genting Highland?? haha.. who never been there b4??
I been survive there for 6 month (Dec 2004- June 2005).. from many..less 1 by 1.. until few n until i get to know few new frens..really fun with the weather, environment, customers, colleagues,....

I have scanned few of those pic I still keep since tat time digital camera area just started..

In training session~

Pontoon Games batch ?? (forgot ady)

We are qualified Pontoon dealers!

Most of them, I did not c them ady.. Mayb saw also cant remember each other..but few, we still keep in touch~!One thing precious is I get closer with Ms.Chin Mei Wan, the blur queen! haha ya, still got Ms. Lok Mei Siong from Kampar... n new found frens from Group C, Casino de Genting! Although we are in different place and work but you were not being forgotten! Thanks for those memorable day at Genting! Hope we manage to c in future~!

I really have a Wonderful experience @ Genting