Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Happened on 10th of May 2009

10th of May 2009 is a Sunday that every1 longing for, no need work!
10th of May 2009
is a Mother's Day that time to gather all family's member to eat,drink!
> > >
About 24 years ago on 10th of May, born a special child named Jacqueline..haha tat's me!
> > > > > > > > > is it still cute until now?
> >
The only daughter that finally born in Siva's family...hoho
> > > >
12.00 am on 10th of May.. yumcha with kawan-kawan and consider a small celebration for me.. Got cake but without candle..cake was bought from GKH about 12sth.. c my frens ada a bit hati la..
> > >
cheap phone so the quality not tat gOod lo~
Since 10th of May is Mother's Day, wake up early in the morning... cos Sis-in-law belanja makan breakfast.. hehe Dim Sum somore..sure cant lepas the peluang since im d bday girl, no need to pay the bill wo.. hoho FOC >.<
> > > > Thanks!

While preparing to go bck hotel for Mother's Day special Hi-Tea.. at 11.27am, a colleague of mine, sms me.. "U no need come ok. Alus(my boss) said". Suddenly feel empty.. what to do in the afternoon?!Thought can go hotel kacau kacau ppl..but my boss ask me to rest cos she know it my bday! So, decide to tidy up my computer table.. PC jus formatted.. new life of the pc start today!haha
> > > > >

Half way, some1 ajak me go Ipoh..haha.. i never say 'No'.. sumore no need me drive and we have same destination to go.. so, i left my untidy table and go to ipoh..haha (Luckily, my boss ask me no need to go hotel, if not...huhu..Thanks to her!)

Half Way tidy up --->> IPoh(hoho)

Not bad..at 1st jus thought will spend the day at home..but can go out although is a quick trip to Ipoh..
> > > >
my Lunch is FOC..since im the bDay girl...

Reached home about 4pm sth... continue tidying the desk.. Suddenly 'yehyeh' ask me to go out.. he give me a paper bag that contain birds ( i think 9 in it).. Mama said release the bird during bDay is good n...~! haha 1st time in my life...meaningful ,rite!
> > > > > birds fly freely and happilyThanks!

haha...finally my desk cleaned...Ta-Da!

Night.. ajak April, Neoh, Wjie yumcha.....the only human in kampar!

> > > > > >

> > > > > > > It's a Cake...
> > > > -----Wahahaha--->>> (i din force 1 ar)

April paid the bill, cake by Neoh~! Dinner again

10th of May 2009 end with............
Medicine for flu and cough~

~*The end of 10th of May 2009*~

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