Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~*Still in Kuantan*~

Really wanna cont write wat happened in Kuantan...hehe
After the fair, I take 1 day leave cos wanna visit my relatives since 4 year nvr been there.. and it quiet far from, take the chance to rest at my relative's house..

Im really happy that they welcome me.. hehe for them, Im a special guests..haha mayb im the youngest among my cousins so my cousin bro treat me like his own sis. hehe

My cousin's bro..

I have a unique family background.. Im chindian.. chinese + indian.. Ppl alwys questioning, what actually my religion.. Most of them guess that im Christian bcos of my name.hoho Im a buddhist..truly buddhist.. My grandma open a temple..n one of the famous temple in the town during the old time.. but now, still famous.. In Kuantan pulak, got a temple that invented by my uncle and cousin's bro. n.. I spend my off day at that temple..

want to know more click --> story of the temple

Is a place near to forest, peaceful, relax... I get to know few frens at there.. let me introduce u all a very important person i get to know in this temple..

Taa- Daa!!

My frens called ' Baby '

Others frens i know are...

Giant Fishs kor kor....the length same more than my height..

Wu Kwai korkor,jiejie,didi,meimei,uncle,aunty,......

My lunch is just a simple MCd... but the environment different...

Having McD infront of beach.. but if added with few leng chai infront.. >.<

Dinner at one of the famous restaurant.. this restaurant 'ba bei' lo.. got website 1..hehe if nth to do mayb can browse this website... haha..all this plan by cousin, uncle for me! The food not bad but mayb he popular jor so the food quiet expensive!

Although jus a day but really happy.. Can spend sometime to chat with cousin, uncle.. since we only meet each other once in a blue moon..

Thanks for make me as a special guests...!Enjoy~!

p/s: finally able to post this blog..after pc sot sot dei..suddenly shut down and restart...*pening* my dear pc, dun scare me..bankrupt ady, dun sick oh!

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