Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chapter 2.1 : My 1st Work

Although im unemployed now... but i got 2 working experiences b4..not bad..huh

My 1st job is at Genting Malaysia Berhad (formerly known as Resort World Berhad) --> Just realized they change the name!hehe
(Note: Actually my 1st job should be at Tuck Hing,located at Kampar..hehe)

My mission :
1) Help Lim's family gain more profit (haha)

What I learn :
1) The probability lose more than win, if you win, "Gong Hei"
2) Dont be greedy.. not easy to win but easy to lose (that y, Genting still survive)
-sometime play play for fun also ok la.. dun addict..haha

Who dunno Genting Highland?? haha.. who never been there b4??
I been survive there for 6 month (Dec 2004- June 2005).. from many..less 1 by 1.. until few n until i get to know few new frens..really fun with the weather, environment, customers, colleagues,....

I have scanned few of those pic I still keep since tat time digital camera area just started..

In training session~

Pontoon Games batch ?? (forgot ady)

We are qualified Pontoon dealers!

Most of them, I did not c them ady.. Mayb saw also cant remember each other..but few, we still keep in touch~!One thing precious is I get closer with Ms.Chin Mei Wan, the blur queen! haha ya, still got Ms. Lok Mei Siong from Kampar... n new found frens from Group C, Casino de Genting! Although we are in different place and work but you were not being forgotten! Thanks for those memorable day at Genting! Hope we manage to c in future~!

I really have a Wonderful experience @ Genting


Khim Hoe said...

Got any tips on how to win in genting? :p

Jac @ Jackie @ Jacqueline said...

Dun play..then u'll win..haha
Cards games hardly win la.. play roulette, mayb got more chance if u pay for the staff to make ur no. win. haha..

~yeeyee~ said...

wear RED under garments!!! lols

Jac @ Jackie @ Jacqueline said...

Py, u just bck from genting.. U tried it tat day??

~yeeyee~ said...

I NEVER GAMBLE in casino... haha~
that day din even go into casino... din bring long pants to genting, haha